Tesla China Ships Another Round of Upgraded Model 3s for Export

Key Points

  • 🚗 Recent footage from Shanghai South Port shows Tesla China exporting a large batch of upgraded Model 3 Highland units.
  • 📈 About 1,200 Model 3 units were loaded on the car carrier ship Prostar on November 19, indicating strong demand for the upgraded Model 3.
  • 💰 Tesla China has implemented price increases for the Model 3 in response to high demand, with adjustments for both the Long Range and Rear Wheel Drive versions.
  • 🌏 Giga Shanghai is the sole facility producing the new Model 3, addressing global demand, and exports are expected to continue into the final weeks of Q4.
  • 🏭 Tesla China typically prioritizes domestic market allocation in the final weeks of the quarter, but high global demand may extend exports beyond usual patterns.

Recent footage taken at the Shanghai South Port has revealed that Tesla China is still exporting large numbers of the upgraded Model 3 Highland abroad. This was hinted at by the stream of Tesla Model 3 units being loaded onto a ro-ro vessel on Sunday morning, local time. 

The fleet of upgraded Model 3 sedans was observed by longtime Tesla China watcher Wu Wa, who has been chronicling the progress and development of Giga Shanghai since its earliest days. As per the drone operator, about 1,200 Model 3 Highland units were loaded on the car carrier ship Prostar on the morning of November 19, 2023. 

The fact that the vehicles being loaded onto the ro-ro vessel were upgraded Model 3 units bodes well for the demand for the vehicle. Since it was unveiled in late August, the new Model 3 has received acclaim from both professional and amateur reviewers alike. The vehicle’s updates to its comfort and its higher quality interior in particular have earned much praise. 

Hints of the high demand for the new Model 3 have been evident as of late, especially in markets like China. Over the past weeks, Tesla China has implemented a series of price increases to the all-electric sedan. Initially, a price increase for the new Model 3 Long Range was rolled out. A similar adjustment to the cost of the entry level Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive was implemented after. 

Tesla Giga Shanghai is the only electric vehicle factory that is producing the new Model 3. Considering that the revamped all-electric sedan is being offered in multiple countries, Giga Shanghai is essentially the only facility that’s addressing the demand for the vehicle. With this in mind, it is quite unsurprising to see that exports for the new Model 3 are still ongoing. 

Tesla China typically allots Giga Shanghai’s resources in the final weeks of the quarter to the domestic market. Considering the apparent strong demand for the new Model 3 worldwide, however, it would appear that exports of the Model 3 would likely be ongoing well into Q4’s final weeks. This setup would likely change in the coming quarters, especially as the Fremont Factory, Tesla’s other plant that produces the Model 3, also transitions to the updated all-electric sedan.

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