Tesla China reduces the cost of upgrading the Model 3’s powered trunk

Key Points

  • 💰 Tesla China reduces Model 3 powered trunk upgrade cost from RMB 3,980 to RMB 2,980.
  • 🚗 Model 3 units produced after Jan 2021 have a powered trunk; earlier units had a manual trunk.
  • 🔄 Model 3 refresh in late 2020 brought improvements, including a powered trunk feature.
  • 📅 Tesla China offers a retrofit for pre-refresh Model 3 owners to add a powered trunk.
  • 🧳 Powered trunk adds convenience for loading/unloading items and aligns older models with newer ones.
  • 🚀 Project Highland update for Model 3 expected to introduce exterior and interior changes, likely to retain powered trunk.

Tesla China has implemented a price reduction for the powered trunk upgrade on its Model 3. The cost of this upgrade has been slashed by RMB 1,000 ($137), bringing it down from RMB 3,980 ($546) to RMB 2,980 ($408).

Initially, Tesla Model 3 units produced in Giga Shanghai before January 2021 were equipped with a manual trunk that could only be opened and not closed through the vehicle’s infotainment display. However, with the introduction of the Model 3 refresh in late 2020, various enhancements were brought to the all-electric sedan, including improvements in range, new wheels, and the addition of a powered trunk. This enabled owners to conveniently open and close their vehicle’s trunk using either the infotainment display or the mobile app.

Interestingly, Tesla China surprised many in February 2022 by announcing a dedicated retrofit option for pre-refresh Model 3 owners, specifically for the powered trunk. The retrofit, priced at RMB 3,980, offered a three-year warranty for the upgraded trunk along with additional UI display features.

With the recent reduction in cost, owners of older Model 3 units may find the powered trunk upgrade more economically viable. The convenience of a powered trunk can’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to loading and unloading cargo. Moreover, the upgrade provides an opportunity for older Model 3 vehicles to align with their more recent counterparts in terms of features. This becomes especially relevant with the anticipated launch of Project Highland.

Project Highland is expected to bring substantial changes to the Tesla Model 3, encompassing updates to both its exterior and interior. While specifics about the trunk have not been disclosed for Project Highland, the prevailing expectation is that the enhanced Model 3 sedan will retain its powered trunk feature.

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