Tesla China Records 16,300 Insurance Registrations in the Third Week of November

Key Points

  • 📈 Tesla China experienced a significant improvement in insurance registrations, with 16,300 registrations in the third week of November.
  • 🚗 Industry insiders, including Li Auto, tracked and reported on China’s weekly insurance figures to gauge the overall automotive market.
  • 📊 The 16,300 insurance registrations represent a 28.35% increase from the second week of November, showcasing a positive trend for Tesla China.
  • 💪 Tesla China’s strong demand is evident as it raised prices for the Model 3 and Model Y, with consistent price increases observed in October and November.

Tesla China’s insurance registrations for the week ending November 19, 2023 showed a notable improvement from the previous week. Over the week of November 13-19, Tesla China saw 16,300 insurance registrations. 

Tesla China does not post its weekly sales numbers, though a general idea of the country’s overall automotive market could be inferred from the number of new vehicle registrations that are filed per week. With this in mind, industry insiders and companies such as Li Auto, which produces electric vehicles, have taken it upon themselves to aggregate and post China’s weekly insurance figures. 

And as per Li Auto’s recent data, Tesla China saw 16,300 insurance registrations in the past week. This represents a 28.35% improvement from the 12,700 insurance registrations that were tracked from the second week of November. For context, Tesla China also saw 14,000 insurance registrations in November’s first week.

Overall, it would appear that between November 1 and November 19, Tesla China had seen 39,300 vehicle insurance registrations in the domestic Chinese market, as noted in a CNEV Post report. This is quite impressive considering that there is still about a third of November remaining. If Tesla China’s pace continues until the end of the month, the electric vehicle maker could end November’s local vehicle sales on a strong note. 

Tesla China does seem like it is seeing some strong demand for its vehicles in the domestic Chinese market. Over the past week, the company has been steadily raising the prices of the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, the two vehicles that are currently being produced in Gigafactory Shanghai.

Tesla China’s recent round of price increases started on October 27, when the Model Y Performance’s price was raised by RMB 14,000 ($1968). Another price increase was implemented on November 9, though this time, it was for the Model 3 Long Range and Model Y Long Range, which received price increases of RMB 1,500 ($210) and RMB 2,500 ($351), respectively. 

On November 14, the Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive and Model Y Rear Wheel Drive were also given a price increase of RMB 1,500 and RMB 2,500, respectively. And just earlier today, the Model Y Long Range’s price was raised by a further RMB 2,000 ($281) before options.

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