Tesla China continues Q3 push with another monster batch of exports

A recent set of videos and photographs taken at the Shanghai South Port Terminal suggests that Tesla China’s immense Q3 push to export as many vehicles as possible is well underway. As could be seen in the images and footage, another massive batch of Teslas is about to be shipped from China, a good portion of which will likely be delivered to Right Hand Drive countries. 

The photos were shared by longtime Tesla watcher Wu Wa, who has been following the development and buildout of Gigafactory Shanghai since its earliest days. In a post on YouTube, the drone operator mentioned that some of the Model Y spotted in his recent flyover were likely vehicles intended for the Australian market.

Interestingly enough, there was reportedly another batch of Tesla exports that left the port last week. The vehicles in the recent sighting appeared to be Right Hand Drive variants as well, suggesting that the all-electric vehicles spotted in the port were for markets like Australia.

The recent batch of Tesla exports at the Shanghai South Port Terminal shows that Tesla China is still pushing Q3 exports for now. This echoes the company’s strategy last month when an estimated 7,000 Teslas were spotted in the location waiting to be shipped abroad. Similar to the recent sighting, last month’s fleet of Teslas was massive, covering a good portion of the port. 

Tesla China’s focus on exports for now goes in line with a strategy previously outlined by Elon Musk. Gigafactory Shanghai currently serves as the company’s primary vehicle export hub, which means that key regions such as Europe and Asia receive the majority of their Model 3 and Model Y from Tesla China. With this in mind, Tesla China tends to focus on vehicle exports in the first half of a quarter before shifting its resources to the domestic market in the latter half. 

Considering that Gigafactory Shanghai’s operations were slowed down last month amidst the company’s efforts to upgrade the plant’s Model Y and Model 3 production lines, it is no surprise that Tesla China is now ramping its Q3 exports. By the final weeks of August, Tesla China would likely shift its focus on meeting the demand for its vehicles in the domestic Chinese market. 

Watch the recent footage of the Tesla fleet at the Shanghai South Port Terminal in the video below.

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