Tesla China still on hiring spree despite Elon Musk’s planned workforce cut

The recent news cycle may be dominated by Elon Musk’s recent emails about a planned global workforce cut at Tesla, but the company’s China division seems quite immune to the upcoming changes. According to an insider from the company, Tesla China just had a hiring spree not long ago, and it is still very short of talent. 

Elon Musk’s planned layoffs at Tesla would reduce the company’s salaried workforce by about 10%. The CEO noted that this was due to Tesla being overstaffed in many areas. Despite these staffing changes, Musk stated that the number of hourly employees in the company would actually be increasing.

In response to the news of the company’s layoffs, a person familiar with Tesla China’s operations told Jiemian News that there had been no news of job cuts in the electric vehicle maker’s Chinese operations. Just last month, the Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center posted over 100 job listings covering fields from vehicle software to regulatory certification. 

“Tesla China has very strict recruitment, and there is still a shortage of talents,” the insider reportedly said. 

The Tesla insider further explained that the company’s hiring efforts in China have become more aggressive as of late. In the past, Tesla was reportedly focused on high-level recruits, but recently, the company has been focusing on growing its pool of engineers. “In the past, there were relatively more middle and high-level recruitment, but this time the positions are mainly engineers,” the insider said. 

In a way, the statements from the Tesla China insider actually make a lot of sense. Elon Musk clarified as much in later posts explaining the company’s planned layoffs on Twitter. According to Musk, the layoffs would not be affecting anyone involved in building cars, battery packs, or installing solar products. Tesla China’s recent hires seem optimized for such projects. 

Tesla China is becoming a larger portion of the company’s overall operations. This could be seen in Tesla China’s first-quarter revenues, which stood at $4.65 billion. That’s about 24.8% of Tesla’s total Q1 revenue of $18.76 billion. These figures, which were outlined in a 10-Q filing with the SEC in late April, represented a 52.8% increase in revenue year-over-year.

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