Tesla China sees 7,500 insurance registrations in week ending October 15

Key Points

  • 📈 Tesla experienced a surge in insurance registrations in China, reaching 7,500 during the week ending October 15.
  • 🚗 This increase suggests that Tesla likely delivered 8,400 vehicles in China from October 1 to 15, driven by strong demand for the updated Model Y.
  • 🇨🇳 Tesla’s updated Model Y in China features improvements like an ambient light strip, new dashboard material, and updated wheels.
  • 🚀 Tesla also introduced the revamped Model 3 in China, which has garnered positive early reviews for its comfort and features.
  • 🌐 In September, Tesla sold 74,073 vehicles made in China, with a significant portion sold domestically and others exported.
  • 📈 With the local deliveries of the new Model 3 set to begin, Tesla China’s sales in China are expected to rise further, contributing to the overall success.

It appears that Tesla saw a surge in domestic sales in China during the week ending October 15, with the electric vehicle maker seeing 7,500 insurance registrations during the week. Tesla China saw 1,000 insurance registrations during the previous week, which ended October 8. 

With these results in mind, it would seem that Tesla has delivered 8,400 vehicles in China from October 1 to 15. The increase was likely driven by strong demand for the updated Model Y, which Tesla began delivering to local customers in China this month.

The Tesla Model Y did not receive an extensive refresh like the Model 3 and its Highland update. Despite this, the updated Model Y’s ambient light strip, new dashboard material, and updated wheels make the all-electric crossover more attractive to consumers. Deliveries of the new Model Y have already begun. 

Tesla also unveiled the revamped Model 3 in China, but the vehicle is yet to start its local deliveries. The updated Model 3 features a fully revamped exterior with a more aggressive fascia and stance, as well as a completely redone interior that borrows a lot of elements from the flagship Model S and Model X. 

Early reviews of the new Model 3 have been generally positive so far, with reviewers praising the new all-electric sedan’s improvements in comfort and functions, among others. The new Model 3’s Model S and Model X-inspired stalkless driving system, which mostly relies on the infotainment system’s touch-based gear selector, remain polarizing. 

Tesla sold 74,073 China-made vehicles in September, including 43,507 that were sold in China and 30,566 vehicles that were exported to foreign territories, as per data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). Once deliveries of the new Model 3 are underway in the domestic Chinese market, Tesla China’s sales in the country will likely see a notable rise.

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