Tesla former CTO JB Straubel nominated to Board of Directors

Former Tesla Chief Technology Officer (CTO) JB Straubel has been nominated for the company’s Board of Directors. The Redwood Materials head would be an asset to Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3. 

The nomination of JB Straubel as a member of Tesla’s Board of Directors was announced through a Schedule 14A filing to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As noted by Tesla, JB Straubel is set to succeed outgoing Board member Hiro Mizuno as a Class I director. 

Tesla also explained the rationale behind the selection of its former CTO as a nominee for the company’s Board of Directors. The company explained that JB Straubel’s experience both in Tesla and as the head of battery recycling firm Redwood Materials would be invaluable. 

“Board has nominated JB Straubel to succeed Mr. Mizuno as a Class I director. Mr. Straubel joined Tesla in 2004, and spent 14 years as our Chief Technology Officer, where he played a key role in our battery cell design, and engineering and production. Mr. Straubel also led the construction and concept of Gigafactory Nevada and the production ramp of our Model 3. 

“After his departure from Tesla in 2019, Mr. Straubel founded Redwood Materials Inc., which is dedicated to building a circular supply chain to power a sustainable world and accelerate the reduction of fossil fuels. We believe that Mr. Straubel’s extensive operational experience in senior leadership at the company, combined with his engineering expertise and passion for cleantech, will make him an important asset in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy,” Tesla wrote. 

JB Straubel has a long history with Tesla. He is listed as one of Tesla’s earliest employees, and is considered one of the company’s co-founders. It would be no exaggeration to state that Tesla would not be where it is today without the contributions of its former CTO. Straubel’s relationship with CEO Elon Musk predates Tesla. Before Straubel’s work at Tesla, Musk had been funding his research in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. 

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