EV owners poke fun at Electrify America’s “secret” Tesla batteries

Electric vehicle owners are poking fun at Electrify America for placing its Tesla Powerpack batteries within an enclosure in its rapid charging stations. Tesla batteries are used in some of Electrify America’s stations to help during peak charging times, as per an announcement from the network in 2019.

As can be seen in a video from EV owner Robert Dunn, Electrify America has a pretty amusing “secret” that it hides behind a closed enclosure — Tesla Powerpack batteries. The comment is obviously a joke, but it does highlight the fact that Tesla’s batteries are reliable enough to be used by one of the Supercharger Network’s largest rivals in the United States.

The reasons behind Electrify America’s use of enclosures for some of its Tesla Powerpack batteries have not been fully explained by the rapid charging network. Some EV owners have suggested, however, that the enclosures were likely implemented to prevent vandalism incidents. Others have joked that the Tesla batteries were probably kept “secret” because Tesla doesn’t want its batteries to be associated with the Supercharger rival.

While Electrify America is ever-growing, the real-world performance of the rapid charging system varies. Earlier this year, EV owners took to social media to highlight that a Lucid Air, a vehicle that is equipped with rapid charging capabilities, was seen charging at a paltry 3 kW in an Electrify America station. Some EV owners also reported that their cars were seemingly “fried” while charging at Electrify America stations.

Despite these issues, Electrify America has seen some momentum among critics. In the inaugural USA EV Charging Infrastructure Benchmark from umlaut and Charged last year, Electrify America was deemed the United States’ best electric car rapid charging system, edging out the Tesla Supercharger Network. As per Charged and umlaut, Electrify America topped the rankings because the system included a dedicated smartphone app and website. The Tesla Supercharger Network, on the other hand, was already integrated into the company’s vehicles.

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