Tesla (TSLA) scores Baa3 Moody’s rating for ‘stable’ outlook

Tesla scored a Baa3 rating from Moody’s Investors Services for a stable outlook. 

Moody’s withdrew Tesla’s former Ba1 corporate family rating, the Ba1-PD probability of default rating, and its SGL-1 speculative grade liquidity rating. 

“The rating action reflects Moody’s expectation that Tesla will remain one of the foremost manufacturers of battery electric vehicles with an expanding global presence and very high profitability. The upgrade also incorporates governance considerations, including Tesla’s prudent financial policy and management’s operational track record,” noted Moody’s.

Tesla has grown exponentially since the Model 3 entered the elective vehicle market in 2019. The years after the Model 3, Tesla established a gigafactory in Shanghai and released the Model Y. Now, Tesla is ramping up production in Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas—its new HQ. 

The company has also started producing the Semi and is expected to deliver the Cybertruck this year. Tesla’s international presence will also grow again with Gigafactory Mexico, where its next-generation vehicle will be produced.


With Moody’s Baa3 rating, Tesla enters Investment Grade rankings. Moody’s rankings are split into long-term and short-term categories. A Baa3 rating belongs in the long-term category for investment-grade issuers. A Baa3 rating falls under Prime-3 (P-3) in the short-term rankings. 

Short-Term ratings determine a company’s capacity to repay short-term obligations. A P-3 rating means Moody’s believes Tesla has an acceptable ability to repay short-term obligations. 

Meanwhile, long-term ratings refer to the relative credit risk a company takes related to fixed-income obligations with an original maturity of one year or more. Tesla’s Baa rating means Moody’s believes the company is subject to moderate credit risks. Companies with Baa ratings are considered medium-grade that might possess speculative characteristics. 

Numerical modifiers 1-3 are added to long-term ratings. Tesla’s modifier, “3,” is at the lower end of the generics rating category, while the modifier “1” is at the higher end. 

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