Tesla Autopilot avoids construction zone with automatic lane change

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite continues to improve with a recent video showing a Model 3 safely shifting away from a forthright construction cone lane while using Autopilot’s Navigate.

The owner-enthusiast of Tesla, Jeremy Greenlee, rode in his Model 3 via a road construction zone. The zone included a concrete lane that consisted of construction cones to the left of the vehicle.

The car used the driver-assist feature and immediately moved one lane to the right in an effort to prevent the risk of any collision with the cones happening. This strategy successfully avoided the chance of coming into contact with the thick construction cones on the left of the car, which could have caused the vehicle hundreds of dollars in cosmetic damage.

The Model 3 advised Greenlee to switch lanes by showing a message saying, “Changing lanes away from cones. Use turn signal to cancel.”

Since the Model 3 worked on Autopilot and was a reasonable distance from the barriers to building, the car took the correct decision to turn away from obstacles.

Unforeseen things often happen on the highways due to the presence of high travel speeds and other vehicles. In spite of the fact that Greenlee’s Model 3 was not in the immediate proximity of any other vehicle, it is probable that one of the cones may have been struck by another car and entered the highway. It is extremely dangerous to suddenly obstruct a lane on a road while vehicles travel at high speeds. Nevertheless, the cones are necessary to separate traffic from the construction projects underway.

Tesla has worked diligently on construction zones to boost the efficiency of the Autopilot. In November 2019, the 2019.36.1 software update for the electric automaker began to render traffic cones in the Driving Visualization feature. Adding traffic cones was a priority of CEO Elon Musk, who wanted to incorporate the construction barriers as an additional piece of knowledge to be absorbed by Autopilot.

Several videos have emerged of Tesla Autopilot-enabled vehicles safely and impressively navigating through construction zones. Due to the accumulation of data transported to Tesla’s Neural Network, the performance of automobiles using Autopilot has continued to improve through construction areas, along with software improvements that work towards the release of a “feature complete” Full Self-Driving suite by the firm.

Continuous release of Autopilot enhancements that Tesla gives its fleet with every software update work towards safer driving environments for everyone on the way. While the company aims to continue to make progress towards the release of its completed FSD suite, the vehicles become more accurate and calculated with their object recognition on the road ahead.

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