Tesla Autopilot avoids accident the human driver couldn’t see coming

Once again, Tesla’s Autopilot revealed its technical prowess, as the driver assistance system successfully prevented a collision with several cars involved.

On all Tesla vehicles produced after September 2014, active safety features are standard, offering an additional layer of safety beyond the vehicle’s physical structure. To better understand how accidents happen, the organization uses data from all of its vehicles on the road. Tesla continuously improves features that help Tesla drivers reduce or prevent accidents.

When his Tesla on Autopilot unexpectedly deviated from its course and started to abandon the lane it was in. Within a few seconds, the driver noticed that the car in front suddenly braked, causing a major multi-car accident, Nieuwsblad reported.

Most incredibly, right before the crash finally occurred, Autopilot detected a risky circumstance. The incident was filmed by the electric vehicle’s on-board camera and according to the timeframe, the crash occurred after the Tesla entered the danger zone. This underlines the fact that Autopilot was able to predict and save the car and its passengers from a dangerous situation.

Tesla vehicles’ cameras and sensors operate in such a way that they can not only “see” further than a person, but also scan certain parts of the road that a person can not see. This gives Autopilot the ability to avoid crashes that are not capable of the human driver. This was demonstrated quite well by the video taken during this incident, as the Tesla survived the crash, while other cars driven by human drivers were victims of the accident.

According to NHTSA numbers, in the US, car accidents occur every 479,000 miles. In the meantime, Tesla announced that the company registered one accident in Q3 2020 for every 4.59 million miles driven with Autopilot engaged. The data illustrates the superior safety record of Tesla Autopilot, which has been shown to be nearly 10 times safer than a human driver.

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