Tesla Analyst Reverses Course on Negativity, Now Deems It Warranted

  • 💬 Tesla analyst Dan Ives initially stated negative sentiments about Tesla were “overdone” but now believes they are “warranted.”
  • 📉 Ives and Wedbush Securities have reduced their price target for Tesla and express concern about the company’s performance in 2024.
  • 🎯 Wedbush now lists two million vehicles as the goal for Tesla in 2024, a reduction from previous estimations.
  • 📉 Q1 appears to be a weak point for Tesla, with analysts indicating sluggish growth and margin compression, particularly in China.
  • 🔄 To improve Tesla’s outlook, Ives suggests strategies such as providing margin and delivery ranges for the year, addressing softening demand in China, holding a Battery/AI Day, committing to being a Tesla-first CEO, and initiating a real advertising campaign.

Tesla, the electric vehicle giant, has long been a focal point for investors, enthusiasts, and analysts alike. With its visionary leader, Elon Musk, at the helm, the company has spurred innovation and revolutionized the automotive industry. However, recent sentiments surrounding Tesla have taken a notable turn, prompting analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities to reassess the narrative.

Analyzing the Shift in Sentiment

Dan Ives, a prominent analyst known for his insights into Tesla, initially conveyed optimism regarding the company’s prospects. Just weeks ago, he suggested that negative sentiments were exaggerated, implying that the market was overly pessimistic. However, in a surprising reversal, Ives now contends that the negativity surrounding Tesla is not only valid but warranted. This shift in perspective underscores the dynamic nature of the market and the challenges faced by even the most innovative companies.

Concerns and Adjustments

The revised outlook from Ives and Wedbush Securities signals concerns about Tesla’s performance in 2024. A significant adjustment is the reduction in the price target for Tesla, reflecting apprehensions about the company’s trajectory. Additionally, the goal for vehicle production in 2024 has been scaled back to two million units, highlighting a more conservative stance compared to previous estimations.

Unveiling Weaknesses in Q1

As Q1 draws to a close, analysts are scrutinizing Tesla’s performance, particularly in key markets such as China. Reports suggest sluggish growth and margin compression, painting a challenging picture for the company. This weakness in Q1 underscores the importance of addressing operational issues and market dynamics to sustain long-term growth.

Strategies for Reinvention

In response to the current narrative, Ives proposes a series of strategic initiatives to rejuvenate Tesla’s outlook. These include providing clarity on margin and delivery expectations, tackling softening demand in China, organizing events like a Battery/AI Day to showcase innovation, reaffirming Elon Musk’s commitment to Tesla’s success, and embarking on a robust advertising campaign. By implementing these strategies, Tesla aims to pivot from a period of uncertainty to a path of revitalization and growth.


The evolution of sentiment surrounding Tesla reflects the intricacies of the market and the challenges inherent in disruptive innovation. Analyst Dan Ives’ reassessment underscores the importance of adaptability and foresight in navigating turbulent times. As Tesla charts its course forward, the insights gleaned from this shift in perspective provide valuable lessons for investors, stakeholders, and industry observers alike.

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