Starlink reaches critical subscriber milestone in new segment

Starlink has announced that it has reached yet another subscriber milestone, this time within an essential new segment of the business.

SpaceX’s decision to expand Starlink into the maritime and aviation sectors has been a pivotal and incredibly well-executed maneuver for the business, allowing it to reach new clientele and enter segments without traditional cellular or fiber-optic-based competitors. Now, as a first showing of success in one of these industries, Starlink has announced that it now supports just over 150 cruise ships alone.

Starlink announced reaching over 150 supported cruise ships on Twitter late yesterday. The internet service provider reached this important milestone thanks to a new deal with Seabourn Cruises, which Starlink notes in its tweet.

As noted above, entering the maritime industry, in particular, has been a fantastic move for the fledgling internet provider. Unlike on land or even in some aviation segments, on the ocean, Starlink does not need to worry about competition with cell tower-based or fiber-optic-based competitors, which can typically offer cheaper and/or faster service than the satellite internet provider. Moreover, with each large ship being fitted with numerous receivers and served with large amounts of data, maritime clients can be far more profitable than stationary land-based counterparts.

Starlink’s success on the water follows another milestone earlier this year: the company announced that it had reached 1.5 million customers globally.

Besides growing into key new market segments, SpaceX has continued its efforts to expand internet access into global markets, including numerous countries in Africa, South and Central America, and Oceania. As areas traditionally left underserved by legacy internet providers, Starlink serves a unique role as a gateway to otherwise limited internet services.

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