Rivian R1T inventory available for delivery in a few weeks

Key Points

  • 🚗 Rivian has opened its R1T inventory shop, allowing customers to order vehicles for delivery within 1–6 weeks.
  • 🛒 Customers can search for available R1T inventory by entering their zip code and selecting paint preferences.
  • 💰 An example listing shows an R1T Dual-Motor AWD unit priced at $83,500, with additional charges for the Large battery pack, blue exterior, and interior options.
  • 🕒 Customized Rivian R1T builds typically have a delivery time of 4 months or less, making the inventory shop a quicker option for those eager to get behind the wheel of a Rivian pickup truck.

Rivian informed customers that its R1T inventory shop has officially opened. Now, customers can get their R1T orders sooner if they order through Rivian’s inventory.

“Now, there are two ways to get behind the wheel of the award-winning R1T. You can make a reservation and put together your own custom configuration. Or you can shop available R1T inventory that deliver in just 1–6 weeks,” said Rivian in an email to customers.

Rivian’s inventory shop is designed to get customers the R1T they want immediately. The search starts with customers typing in the zip code they wish their R1T to be delivered. Then Rivian asks for their paint preferences. 

For instance, under New Jersey zip code 08234 and blue paint options, one Rivian R1T vehicle is listed. The search results in an R1T Dual-Motor AWD unit for $83,500—Rivian charged an additional $6,000 for its Large battery pack and an extra $2,500 for its blue exterior. The R1T’s Ocean Coast + Dark Ask Wood interior also gets an additional $2,000 charge. The electric pickup truck’s estimated delivery date is 1 to 6 weeks.

A blue R1T with similar configurations would cost the same if customized. Custom Rivian R1T builds usually deliver in 4 months or less. So, for those who can’t get behind the wheel of a Rivian pickup truck, the inventory shop might be a good way to go.

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