Rivian rolls out Camp Mode in latest software update: First impressions

Rivian released Camp Mode in its latest software update, revealing a few fun features for R1T and R1S owners. 


According to Rivian, Camp Mode is a standalone app. The app uses hardware built into Rivian R1 vehicles and applies them to campsites. Rivian designed Camp Mode to make camping in an R1T or R1S convenient and comfortable.


One feature introduced in Camp Mode is “Camp Leveling.” It utilizes the air suspension in R1 tires, Rivian’s algorithms, and sensors to adjust the levels of the vehicle. Camp Leveling would be handy when setting up camp on uneven or sloped terrain. 

Camp Mode also introduces two more energy settings to R1 vehicles: “Stay off” and “Stay on.” The “Stay on” setting keeps the vehicle working so campers can use functions like climate control. Meanwhile, the “Stay off” energy setting turns the power off from all the outlets, Gear Guard video, and most of the vehicle’s other features. 

Then there is “Camp Courtesy.” The feature helps Rivian owners minimize potential disturbances to nearby campers. The feature turns off all exterior lights, sounds, and proximity locking. Camp Courtesy also runs climate control at a quieter level. 

Camp Mode also activates R1 vehicle flood lights, something Rivian has kept mum about for some time. R1 flood lights are located at the front of each side view mirror. Drivers can control the flood lights individually and work when the mirrors are folded, too.


Some R1 owners shared their thought on Camp Mode via the Rivian Forums. Most of them seemed excited about the “surprise” flood lights. 

“The floodlights will be awesome/hand,” noted jakef801

One or two R1 owners talked about the energy usage in Camp Mode, wishing that they were more customizable. 

“These features will be useful but I wish the power usage was more customizable. Instead of more power, less power or whatever why can’t we just have on/off customization for the 12V outlets, USB-C outlets like we have for the 110V outlets,” commented jjsawn33

Rivian will likely keep improving Camp Mode in future software updates. Input from R1 owners would probably be helpful to Rivian.

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