Radio Flyer adds Tesla Model Y to its kids fleet

Tesla’s newest electric vehicle, the Model Y, has been introduced to the lineup of children’s cars by Radio Flyer.

The Model Y is the first crossover SUV produced by Tesla. It has a five-seat option currently available, and a seven-seat version soon to be released. Now Radio Flyer has launched a one-seater option to take advantage of the younger Tesla enthusiasts.

For young drivers ages 1 1/2 to 4, Radio Flyer has the Model Y Replica available. The reduced size makes it a great addition to the latest crossover concept for younger Tesla fans.

The Model Y replica design includes authentic details which match the shape and size of the crossover. Black Induction wheels which recall the real-life rims of the car are covered with rubber grip tread for improved handling and performance. Finally, as with their adult counterparts, a functioning steering wheel would help young drivers maneuver around their homes or on their driveways.

Parents look out: it also involves a honking horn, so some ibuprofen is on the table for a possible migraine.

The introduction of the Model Y by Radio Flyer is the newest addition to Tesla vehicles that the company has added to their fleet. The Model S is also available on the site for younger drivers to own.

More interestingly than that, Tesla’s widespread appeal for automobiles has inspired a long-standing company like Radio Flyer to incorporate some of the electric cars into its own fleet, which is a perfect way to expose children to the continuing growth of electric cars.

Children who drive around the smaller models of Tesla’s Model S and Model Y may very well own the car’s real-life variations in 15 or 20 years time. Demand from Tesla continues to develop in the global automotive market, and starting children at a young age may encourage them to become more familiar with sustainable automobiles.

The Model Y is available for only $99.99 on Radio Flyer’s website, which is considerably less than the Model S which starts at $499.99. The Model Y has no motor in it so children can use their feet to steer the vehicle around their surroundings.

Reported by Teslarati.

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