Pirelli launches new ‘High-Load’ tire for EVs, and Lucid is first in line to try

Italian tire maker Pirelli is launching its new “high load” tire specific for Hybrid and all-electric vehicles and SUVs. The high load tire will sport an “HL” marking on its sidewall as an indicator that it will have the ability to handle more weight, a necessity for electric cars due to their excessive mass because of heavy battery cells. The Lucid Air will be the first car to utilize the new Pirelli HL tire.

“Pirelli presents its very first high load index tyre: a new type of tyre dedicated primarily to electric or hybrid cars and SUVs,” the company announced in a press release on Thursday. “Made to support the weight of new vehicles equipped with batteries, the tyre is perfect for heavier vehicles, such as electric cars. It is designed to provide low rolling resistance as well as a high level of driving comfort.”

Credit: Pirelli

The new Pirelli rubber is specifically designed to support 20% more weight than a standard tire, and 6-9% more weight than an extra load XL tire that is the same size.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve thanks to the rapid growth of the electric vehicle sector, OEMs and automotive manufacturers alike are not the only ones who are being forced to adjust. Suppliers in every aspect of an automobile, including glass companies and tire manufacturers, are now catering their products to the specifications of electric cars. While the concept of a vehicle remains the same, the difference in powertrain contributes several changes, one of the most notable being weight. This is a central focus of Pirelli’s last few years of product development, and the new HL tires are what the company’s team of engineers came up with.

“The search for cutting-edge technical solutions has always been at the very heart of Pirelli’s business,” Senior Vice President of R&D and Cyber, Pierangelo Misani, said. “The attention we devote to all new forms of sustainable mobility now leads us to technology that is capable of anticipating the future demands of car manufacturers for their new electric and hybrid vehicles, which increasingly require specialised performance from tyres.”

Credit: Pirelli

With the new tire ready to hit the streets, the Lucid Air will be the first EV to utilize Pirelli’s advanced build, and the company says it was “joint developed with the car manufacturer, to fully meet the required performance standards.”

“Lucid Air represents a technological breakthrough in terms of efficiency and performance. The new Pirelli HL tyres are integral to achieving such benchmarks,” Lucid Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Engineer Eric Bach, said.

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