New Fleet of Tesla Model 3 Highland Edition Readies for Export in China

Key Points

  • 🚗 Another fleet of new Tesla Model 3 “Highland” units spotted in Shanghai, China.
  • 🌟 “Project Highland” Model 3 receiving positive reviews for its improvements in exterior, interior, and comfort.
  • 🏭 New Model 3 production currently only at Gigafactory Shanghai, with Fremont Factory expected to start production later in the year or early 2024.
  • 🌍 Gigafactory Shanghai likely to supply the world’s demand for the new Model 3 “Highland” units.
  • 🚁 Drone flyover suggests around a thousand new Model 3 units waiting for export at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal.
  • 📦 Remarkable production ramp with deliveries already beginning in countries like Germany.

Another fleet of new Tesla Model 3 “Highland” units has been spotted at Shanghai’s Nangang Terminal. Footage of the vehicles was captured during a recent drone flyover of the site. 

The new Tesla Model 3, known among EV circles as “Project Highland,” is highly anticipated. The vehicle has been receiving positive reviews from enthusiasts and professionals alike, with many praising its improvements, such as its revamped exterior and interior, as well as its superior comfort. 

So far, however, the new Model 3 is only being produced at Gigafactory Shanghai, as the Fremont Factory, Tesla’s other facility that produces the Model 3, still manufactures the vehicle’s previous generation. Expectations are high that the Fremont Factory will likely start the production of the new Model 3 sometime later this year or early 2024. 

This current setup means that Gigafactory Shanghai will be providing the world’s supply of new Model 3 “Highland” units, at least for the time being. And considering that the new Model 3 has been launched in key markets such as Europe, Giga Shanghai would definitely be extremely busy exporting the newly revamped all-electric sedan this fourth quarter.

This definitely seems to be the case, at least if a recent drone flyover from longtime Giga Shanghai watcher Wu Wa is any indication. As per the drone operator’s recently shared video, Tesla China is gathering another fleet of upgraded Tesla Model 3 units at the Shanghai Nangang Terminal. 

While the site is not yet filled with Teslas, rough estimates from EV watchers have suggested that there are already about a thousand new Model 3 units at the site that are waiting to be exported. It would not be surprising if later drone flyovers of the site would show the all-electric sedans being loaded onto car carrier ships for exports.

The ramp of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 has been quite remarkable, in no small part due to its lack of drama. Since the new Model 3 was announced, Tesla has been quietly executing the vehicle’s production ramp. So far, reports from EV community members indicate that deliveries of the new Model 3 have begun in countries such as Germany. Domestic customers in China are expected to have their new Model 3s delivered around the end of the month as well. 

Watch the recent drone footage from the Shanghai Nangang Terminal in the video below.

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