NBA star Jimmy Butler pledges to go electric after gas station shock

Key Points

  • ⛽ NBA star Jimmy Butler expressed shock at the high gas prices and joked about “highway robbery.”
  • 🚗 Butler mentioned he was driving a Bugatti at the time, known for its poor fuel economy.
  • 🌆 His reaction likely occurred in or near Los Angeles, where gas prices are infamously expensive.
  • 💰 While some may question his reaction due to his high net worth, many can relate to the frustration of high gas prices.
  • ⚡ Butler’s reaction suggests he may consider switching to an electric car, given their affordability and lower operating costs.

NBA star Jimmy Butler was shocked when he stopped to fill his car up with gas. Facing a gas bill of $145, Butler noted that he was going electric. 

In a post on his Instagram Story, which has since been shared across multiple social media platforms like X, Butler could be seen joking that gas prices are nothing short of “highway robbery.” He also joked that he might as well put some gas back and try to get a refund. 

“This is highway f**king robbery. I’m trying to get some of this gas back. Wow. Do you think if I went in there and told them I put the wrong gas in here, they would give me a refund? This is crazy. I’m going electric,” Butler said.

To be fair, Butler also mentioned that he was driving his Bugatti at the time. Bugattis, which are among the most expensive car brands in the world, are not necessarily famed for their fuel economy. In fact, as noted in a report from USA Today For The Win, the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is one of the cars with the worst fuel economy in the market. 

Later posts on his Instagram Story suggest that the Miami Heat player was in an area in or near Los Angeles, where gas is infamously expensive. That being said, Butler is probably used to spending a lot to fuel his Bugatti, so it’s pretty notable when someone like the NBA star posts such a reaction on social media. 

While one could say that Butler’s reaction is not valid considering his high net worth as an NBA player, one could easily relate to the Miami Heat star’s sentiments. Gas prices are indeed quite high, and electric vehicles are indeed a lot more affordable to run. Perhaps Butler will explore an exciting electric car next, like the Tesla Model S Plaid, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, or the Lucid Air Sapphire, all of which are fast and premium.

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