Mercedes EV sales boom in strongest company performance yet

Mercedes revealed its Q1 sales statistics this morning, showing its EV sales are booming in the world’s biggest markets.

While Mercedes is certainly not a volume leader in the EV market, it has dedicated itself to slowly but surely expanding its offerings and deliberately growing its EV production. This dedication and swell of new offerings continue to pay off, as the premium German brand reports its EV sales boomed in the year’s first quarter.

According to Mercedes’ Q1 sales report, EV sales jumped 327% in the United States and 119% globally, helping it achieve numerous sales records and a new level of relevance in the electric vehicle market. Electric Mercedes offerings accounted for 14% of all passenger vehicle sales in the U.S. and 10% of passenger vehicle sales globally. It should be noted that each of these percentages accounts only for Mercedes passenger vehicle sales and are slightly higher than the statistics that include its commercial offerings.

In total, Mercedes-Benz sold 7,341 EVs in the U.S. and 51,600 globally. The automaker sold 75,701 vehicles in the United States and 503,500 vehicles globally.

“Our customers’ desire for our Top-End products and battery electric vehicles is the driving force behind our sales result in the first quarter,” says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group. “Beyond this, we successfully introduced our direct sales model in the U.K., while Germany and two more markets will follow in 2023. Looking forward, I am already excited about the upcoming world premiere of the first all-electric Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV next week.”

Beyond Mercedes’ obvious production ramp, which it has extensively detailed to investors, its slate of new offerings is the most significant motivator for its sales success. Besides the entry-level segment of its offerings, the brand now offers an EV in essentially every notable segment.

Mercedes now has a wide selection of electric SUVs, including the EQS SUV, EQE SUV, EQB SUV, and EQA; a significant contingent of luxury and performance variants of popular sedans, the EQS and EQE; and the auto group is closer than ever to introducing its first ultra-luxury and high-performance EVs via its accompanying brands, Maybach and AMG.

Looking at model-specific sales, Mercedes notes that EQB SUV and EQA sales were both leaders in its electric offerings, though the company did not provide specific figures. The EQS SUV also had a successful introduction globally, including in the U.S., where it is assembled at the brand’s Birmingham, Alabama, plant.

As if Mercedes investors needed any more good news, the company is also well on its way to competing with Tesla’s industry-leading profit margins, thanks not only to its luxury vehicle positioning but also to investments into vertical integrationrenewable energy, and production upgrades generally.

While Mercedes is still far behind Tesla in EV sales and will likely remain behind them for a good while, it is in a fantastic market position and poised to benefit from its massive investments. Hopefully, it can motivate other historic brands to work toward the same end and help the world transition to EVs as soon as possible.

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