Malaysia’s Prime Minister Commends Tesla for Swiftness in Local Negotiations

Key Points

  • 🚀 Malaysia’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim praises Tesla for its rapid setup of a headquarters in the country.
  • ⚡ “Tesla Speed” impresses the Prime Minister, highlighting the company’s efficient and fast approach.
  • 🏢 Tesla’s commitment led to a quick decision to purchase a large building in Cyberjaya for its operations.
  • 💼 Prime Minister urges Malaysia’s civil servants to learn from Tesla’s efficiency and shed old bureaucratic habits.
  • 🤝 Tesla CEO Elon Musk held a meeting with the Prime Minister on July 14, resulting in the decision to establish a head office and service center in Cyberjaya.

The term “Tesla Speed” has gained prominence for a reason. Renowned for its rapid and efficient operations, the electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, has caught the attention of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.

During an address to approximately 1,000 employees at the Dell Technologies factory in Bukit Minyak, the Prime Minister expressed his admiration for how swiftly Tesla established its headquarters in Malaysia. He encouraged Malaysia’s civil servants to learn from Tesla’s efficiency and abandon outdated approaches to achieving tasks.

The Prime Minister highlighted a recent instance where Elon Musk committed to Malaysia just two weeks prior, and a mere ten days later, a Tesla regional executive was prepared to discuss the acquisition of a significant building.

“Within a fortnight, he (Musk) gave his word. Ten days ago, his regional chief met with me to convey their intention of purchasing a large building in Cyberjaya, and they requested my presence at the opening ceremony.

“All this happened within weeks… Yet we are lethargic. That’s why I tell our civil servants that we can no longer adhere to our traditional methods. No more ‘managing, tendering, deliberating, committees.’ We must evolve,” Ibrahim stated, as reported by Free Malaysia Today.

Reportedly, on July 14, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk engaged in a 25-minute meeting with the Malaysian Prime Minister, where discussions centered on establishing Tesla’s headquarters and service centers in the country. Less than a week afterward, on July 20, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority confirmed that Tesla’s head office and service center would be situated in Cyberjaya.

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