Kimbal Musk gives Tesla Energy a positive outlook

Tesla board member Kimbal Musk recently shared his thoughts on the company’s future, especially its nascent energy business. Kimbal Musk, like his brother Elon, is very optimistic about Tesla’s potential in the energy market, which has yet to be significantly disrupted by sustainable solutions.

Musk gave an update on Tesla during a Bloomberg Markets interview with Matt Miller and Amanda Lang, in which he discussed his “Million Gardens Movement,” a project aimed at encouraging healthier eating habits among children in the United States. Given his position on Tesla’s board of directors, Musk’s answer to a question about the stock’s current valuation was unsurprising.

Musk was circumspect in his remarks regarding Tesla stock, noting that his status as a board member prohibited him from commenting on the company’s valuation. Kimbal said that he would leave Tesla’s valuation to stock traders, but added that the company’s energy division would be operating in a large market.

“I can’t really speak to the value of the company. As you know, I’m on the board. I can say that I’m really excited about the future of Tesla, and it does include energy. Frankly, and I actually don’t know the exact numbers so don’t quote me on this, but it’s going to be one of the biggest industries. It probably is one of the biggest industries in the world if not the biggest,” Musk said.

Musk also shared his confidence in Tesla Energy’s potential in the energy sector, noting that the company is extremely capable of producing high-quality goods. Kimbal also mentioned Tesla’s software advantage, which is exemplified by products like Autobidder, which has been dubbed “Autopilot for grid-type batteries.” Musk wrapped up the interview by saying that Tesla has a promising future.

“Tesla is about alternative energy, and it’s an energy company. Obviously, we’re really good at product and get really good at technology, and we’re good at making cars. The future of Tesla is very bright,” Musk said.

Tesla Energy has been on a roll lately, with the company working on a range of high-profile ventures around the world, ranging from Moss Landing in the United States to Victoria in Australia. Tesla batteries will be used in a 240 MWh battery installation that will be installed on Apple’s solar farm in California, according to a recent report. Apple’s Cupertino headquarters will benefit from the system, which would include 85 Megapacks.

Watch Kimbal Musk’s recent Bloomberg interview in the video below. 

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