Is Tesla’s 3.25 Million-Mile Battery Already Here?

Tesla Battery Day did not have a clear response to a question that was enthusiastically answered by many. The cherished words during the presentation that Tesla’s battery would last one million miles were not noticed. However, this does not mean that this has not been done by the company.

Jeff Dahn, head of Tesla’s battery research team, says that if car batteries are to be accepted as an integral part of grid storage, a two-million-mile battery is possible — and required. The new knowledge was discussed at a recent Energy Storage & Sustainable Engineering video conference.

Dahn discovered that his cells had a lifetime of over two million miles after three years of research. He measured his battery at a charge-discharge depth of 100% over 20,000 cycles and found that his battery could last 15,000 cycles and still have 90% of its power.

Source: Energy Storage & Sustainable Engineering

In the worst-case scenario, when the battery is completely discharged and charged per loop, if we multiply 15,000 with its approximate driving range of 217 miles, we get 3.25 million miles. However, a battery’s various conditions of use can have a different effect on its lifespan. He found that the battery will last tens of millions of miles if you use only 25 percent of your battery per day.

Source: Energy Storage & Sustainable Engineering

It is possible to use such a battery to make money as well as revolutionize transport. Dahn proposes to explore alternatives for the exact use of these batteries.

Vehicle to Grid Technology

Cars are not usually commodities, but it looks like Tesla is about to change this. Currently, you can sell electricity to the grid with this technology without thinking about the loss of the car battery.

Energy Storage for the Grid

Batteries like this have great potential here. Their longevity ensures a steady income that will last for decades, since there will be no deterioration of the batteries. The daily energy storage charge and discharge is 400 cycles a year, which means 10,000 cycles in 25 years, Dahn explains.

Avoid recycling & put EV batteries (when the rest of the car dies) into second use

The need to recycle them annually would be removed by a battery with such a long service life. The cost of electric cars can also be significantly reduced, as the battery will last longer than the car’s exterior, meaning the battery can be used for your next car.

“Ideal” applications, such as ferries and hybrid aircraft

It is not only a fantasy, but a reality, to use batteries to power these types of vehicles. There is already a company that has announced it will use two Tesla Model S batteries to power a passenger boat. New batteries would be ideal for those vehicles making regular short-distance trips.

The new batteries from Dahn provide important benefits for the ongoing development of many areas and provide exciting potential for new opportunities. It looks like Tesla will continue to charge every mile of the way — pioneering and revolutionizing different industries.

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