Intel self driving unit applies for IPO

The Intel self-driving company, Mobileye, has applied for an initial public offering in the US.

Intel, a computer hardware design and manufacturing giant, has found a partner company to work on self-driving technology; Mobileye. According to the Mobileye website, they look to differentiate in several vital ways and hopefully appeal to investors simultaneously. According to Reuters, a timeline for the IPO has not yet been released.

Intel Mobileye’s website states that they hope to differentiate in several key areas; purpose-built hardware (courtesy of Intel), scalable design, mathematical safety model, computer vision, lean compute driving policy, and innovative mapping. Essentially, they want to leverage their Intel connection and make better hardware, implement better software, and use new mapping technology to perform better than existing rivals.

The company website, nor their filing to go public, outline where in the development process the company is, but an IPO from such a significant brand should at least be cause for optimism. Reuters believes explicitly that such an IPO could lead to other major companies also considering an IPO of their own.

Intel would be entering a competitive “self-driving tech” market. Not only is Tesla working on a Full Self Driving model that they hope to deliver to customers, but countless other automakers are looking to do the same. Other startups like have been implementing self-driving for years.

Where Intel may find success is in licensing. Many manufacturers have yet to fully establish themselves in self-driving tech and could quickly jump ahead in technical capabilities by partnering with Intel Mobileye. It is unclear if the Intel team is already working with other automakers, but the possibility certainly exists. And in an automotive market where some automakers may feel like they are playing catchup, Mobileye could be a game-changer.

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