GM Energy to utilize bidirectional charging with its Ultium Home offerings

GM Energy announced production details about its upcoming Ultium Home offerings. GM Energy Ultium Home suite offers stationary storage, the capability to leverage vehicle-to-home (V2H) bidirectional charging technology, and the company’s energy management products to customers. 

“As GM Energy’s ecosystem of connected products and services continues to expand, we’re excited to provide customers with options for greater energy management beyond the vehicle,” said Wade Sheffer, GM Energy’s Vice President. “Our initial Ultium Home offerings represent an opportunity for customers to take greater control over their personal energy independence and resiliency.”

GM Energy will launch its first Ultium Home offerings in three bundles. Customers may choose the Ultium Home V2H Bundle, designed to enable customers to leverage their compatible EVs for V2H functionality. 

The V2H Bundle includes GM’s PowerShift Charger, which enables bidirectional charging. Its charge speed goes up to 19.2 kW AC. The PowerShift Charger is paired with the Ultium Home V2H Enablement Kit, which includes an inverter, home hub, and dark start battery. The kit has 9.6 kW of discharge power, allowing users to safely disconnect their homes from the grid. 

Then there is the Ultium Home Energy System which works with GM’s V2H functionality and stationary storage. Like the V2H Bundle, Home Energy System Bundle comes with the PowerShift Charger and Ultium Home V2H Enablement Kit. In addition, this bundle comes with GM’s PowerBank stationary storage unit, which connects to the V2H Enablement Kit. The PowerBank is available in 5kW/10.6 kWh and 7kW/17.7 kWh variants.

Lastly, the Ultium Home Energy Storage Bundle is designed for customers who want to use stationary storage without needing an electric vehicle. The Energy Storage Bundle includes GM’s PowerBank, an inverter, and a home hub. 

GM Energy Ultium Home Products can be integrated with solar energy. GM Energy partnered with SunPower as its exclusive solar provider and preferred EV charger installer. 

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