FordPass App Update: Enhancing the EV Ownership Experience

  • 🚗 Ford has enhanced its EV ownership experience with a rare FordPass app update.
  • 🔑 The FordPass app allows starting, unlocking, and locking cars without a physical key.
  • 🛠️ FordPass includes features for scheduled maintenance and unlocking EV chargers.
  • ⚡ Access to Tesla Superchargers is included in the FordPass functionalities.
  • 📱 The update provides one-tap vehicle controls and quicker access to the Smartphone key.
  • 🕹️ Enhanced charge management with a simplified target charge slider is now available.
  • 🌡️ F-150 Lightning owners can now use remote climate control to precondition their cabins.
  • ❄️ The climate control feature mirrors Tesla’s similar, highly popular feature.
  • 🧑‍💼 CEO Jim Farley announced the FordPass update, also bringing UI improvements for all Ford vehicles.

With the electric vehicle (EV) market rapidly expanding, staying ahead in terms of technology and user experience is crucial. Ford has made significant strides with its rare FordPass app update, bringing a host of innovative features aimed at elevating the EV ownership experience. In this blog post, we will delve deep into these new features, assessing their impact and benefits, particularly for EV owners.

A Giant Leap Forward: FordPass App Update

Ford has taken a giant leap in improving the experience for electric vehicle (EV) owners by rolling out a rare and significant update to the FordPass smartphone app. This update brings several cool new features and functionality specifically geared toward the needs of modern EV owners.

Key Features of the New FordPass App Update

Smart Vehicle Access and Control

One of the standout features of the new update is the ability to start, unlock, and lock the vehicle without ever touching a key. This provides unparalleled convenience to users who can now control their car with just their smartphone.

  • Keyless Access: The app allows drivers to manage their vehicle’s locks and ignition remotely. No more fumbling with keys or worry about lockouts.
  • One-Tap Controls: The update provides easy, one-tap vehicle controls, making it more seamless than ever to manage crucial functions of the vehicle directly from the phone.

Enhanced Charge Management

Charging an EV efficiently is crucial for optimal use and battery longevity. Ford has made significant improvements in this area with their app update, making it easier to charge your vehicle correctly.

  • Unlock EV Chargers: The app now allows users to unlock EV chargers, making it easier to initiate a charging session.
  • Access to Tesla Superchargers: As if this wasn’t enough, Ford has also secured access to Tesla Superchargers, broadening the network available to its users and providing more options for fast charging.
  • Simplified Charging Slider: The charge management system now includes a simplified slider for setting target charge levels, allowing users to manage their charging preferences more precisely.

Remote Climate Control

Ford has introduced an incredibly useful feature for the Ford F-150 Lightning owners—remote climate control. This feature allows users to prepare their vehicle’s cabin temperature before getting in, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside.

  • Preconditioning: Owners can set their cabin temperature to be just right before their journey, avoiding the discomfort of extreme heat or cold. This mirrors a highly praised, similar feature provided by Tesla.

Additional Updates and Improvements

Ford didn’t just stop at enhancing the EV-specific features. The update brings several improvements across the board, also benefiting internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle owners through UI enhancements.

  • User Interface Improvements: These improvements focus on a better visual and functional experience, ensuring that all users, whether they own an EV or an ICE vehicle, enjoy a more intuitive and efficient interface.

CEO Jim Farley’s Vision

Ford CEO Jim Farley emphasized the importance of their latest updates in bridging the gap between traditional vehicles and EVs, ensuring all Ford users experience high-level convenience and functionality through the FordPass app. This move reflects Ford’s commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive technology by continuously improving user experience through digital means.


The new FordPass app update is a significant milestone in the world of electric vehicle technology. By integrating all these advanced features, Ford not only addresses the current needs of EV owners but also sets a high standard for future innovations. From smart access and control to enhanced charge management and remote climate control, the update covers all bases, ensuring a seamless and superior user experience.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, such updates from manufacturers like Ford are necessary to keep pace with the demands of tech-savvy consumers. For EV owners, these advancements underline why choosing a vehicle from a forward-thinking company like Ford is a smart investment.

Investing in technology to provide a seamless and enjoyable user experience is key, and Ford’s recent updates are a clear testament to this philosophy. For more insights and updates on automotive tech and EV advancements, stay tuned!

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