Ford Pro Insure Expands to Indiana and Wisconsin

  • 🚚 Ford Pro Insure expands insurance offering for commercial vehicles to Indiana and Wisconsin.
  • 🌐 Ford Pro Insure is now available in five states: Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.
  • 💼 Craig Carrington, EVP of Ford Pro Finsimple, emphasizes the importance of efficient commercial auto insurance for small businesses in these states.
  • 📈 Ford Pro Insure is a brand of commercial policies by The American Road Insurance, a Ford Motor Company subsidiary, available through managing agent Pie Insurance.
  • 🌍 Dax Craig, President of Pie, notes strategic growth in Ford Pro Insure offerings and the plan to expand coverage to more states.
  • ⚡ Ford Pro ecosystem includes FinSimple for financing business and government fleets transitioning to electric vehicles, featuring electric vehicle offerings like F-150 Lightning Pro, E-Transit van, and Mustang Mach-E.

In the ever-evolving landscape of commercial vehicle insurance, Ford Pro Insure is paving the way for small businesses. The recent expansion of its insurance offerings to Indiana and Wisconsin brings a new level of support to entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of fleet ownership. In this blog post, we’ll explore the key details surrounding Ford Pro Insure’s expansion, the significance of efficient commercial auto insurance, and the broader ecosystem that Ford Pro is building to drive businesses forward.

The Expansion: Indiana and Wisconsin Welcomed

  1. Geographical Reach: Ford Pro Insure has now extended its insurance coverage to Indiana and Wisconsin, adding to its existing presence in Arizona, Illinois, and Tennessee.
  2. Strategic Decision: The move signifies a strategic decision to cater to the nearly 1 million small businesses in Indiana and Wisconsin, comprising over 99 percent of total businesses in each state.

The Importance of Efficient Commercial Auto Insurance

  1. Executive Perspective: Craig Carrington, Executive Vice President of Ford Pro Finsimple, underscores the pivotal role of efficient commercial auto insurance in helping small businesses run efficient and productive fleets.
  2. End-to-End Support: Ford Pro Insure adds another link in the end-to-end support delivered through Ford Pro’s suite of products and services, providing a comprehensive solution for businesses.

Ford Pro Insure: Behind the Scenes

  1. Brand Origin: Ford Pro Insure is a brand of commercial policies provided by The American Road Insurance, a subsidiary of the esteemed Ford Motor Company and Ford Credit.
  2. Operational Aspect: The insurance carrier is made accessible through the managing agent Pie Insurance, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for businesses seeking coverage.

Strategic Growth and Future Plans

  1. Strategic Expansion: Dax Craig, President of Pie, acknowledges the strategic growth of Ford Pro Insure offerings. With the inclusion of Indiana and Wisconsin, coverage is now available in five states.
  2. Future Vision: The plan is to expand coverage even further in the coming year, aiming to help small business owners across the country reduce the overall cost of fleet ownership.

Ford Pro Ecosystem: More Than Just Insurance

  1. Comprehensive Financing: Ford Pro’s ecosystem includes FinSimple, a solution designed to finance business and government fleets. This is particularly relevant as businesses transition to electric vehicles.
  2. Electric Vehicle Offerings: Within the Ford Pro fleet, electric vehicle offerings such as the F-150 Lightning Pro, the E-Transit van, and the Mustang Mach-E are making waves in the automotive industry.

In conclusion, Ford Pro Insure’s expansion to Indiana and Wisconsin is not just about extending insurance coverage; it’s a strategic move to empower small businesses across diverse landscapes. The emphasis on efficient commercial auto insurance and the broader Ford Pro ecosystem demonstrates a commitment to supporting businesses as they navigate the challenges of a rapidly changing automotive landscape.

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