Ex-Tesla employees claim sensitive images captured by vehicles were shared throughout company

Nine ex-Tesla employees are claiming sensitive images captured by vehicles were shared throughout the company via internal messaging systems, a new report from Reuters claims.

The report states that the ex-employees detailed sharing images that the vehicles had been captured through the vehicle’s external cameras, and what they saw was not technically PG.

One employee said a “video of a man approaching a vehicle completely naked” was shared through the messaging system, but that’s just the start of the claims.

The former Tesla employees reportedly mulled over videos and images of crashes and road-rage incidents. One of the videos reportedly showed a child on a bike being hit by a Tesla traveling at a high speed. The video spread “like wildfire” throughout the company’s office in San Mateo, California.

Other things captured were pictures of dogs and comical road signs that were made into memes with captions or other amusing commentaries. These images were then shared in private group chats, the report claims.

Not all of the videos appeared to be recorded while the vehicle was on or even in motion, according to one employee. “We could see inside people’s garages and their private properties,” one said. These videos were recorded “if owners gave consent,” the report states.

The employee who stated that some images were captured within garages or private properties stated that they could identify some people based on the distinctive nature of their belongings. One was “Wet Nellie,” a submersible vehicle once used by James Bond in the 1977 film “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

That vehicle is owned by Elon Musk, but Reuters said it is not clear whether Musk knows that the video was shared.

Tesla says on its website that customers’ privacy “is and will always be enormously important to us.”

Earlier this week, Tesla was forced to change how it advertises Sentry Mode in Germany due to its violation of privacy laws.

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