EVgo’s 400+ Station Charging Network will be available to Tesla

EVgo is extending its network to Tesla drivers to help them charge at more EVgo stations across the country. The company is upgrading hundreds of its charging stations with integrated Tesla connectors to further its scope as the only 100% renewable electricity-powered EV charging network capable of charging all three fast-charging standards. These standards are CHAdeMO, SAE Combo or CCS, and Tesla’s — and it will do this without the need for a separate adaptor.

In its press release, EVgo noted that this would further expand the advantages of owning an EV to more U.S. drivers in line with its industry-leading 98 percent uptime, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

Over 400 integrated Tesla connectors will be deployed by EVgo at its existing EVgo stations. In San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, and Miami, there are also an additional 200 connectors reserved for new EVgo charging stations expected for 2021.

EVgo, which is the only third-party fast-charging network incorporated in the Tesla navigation system here in the U.S., wants to provide convenient and reliable charging options as broadly as possible. EVgo noted in its press release that Tesla represents as much as 80 percent of the U.S. market for EVs. So, you need to serve Tesla drivers if you want to serve EV drivers in the United States. EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi expressed her excitement for the company’s dedication to efficient, easy charging for all EV drivers.

“EVgo’s expansion of integrated Tesla connectors underscores our commitment to delivering convenient and reliable fast charging to all EV drivers,” Zoi said. “EV drivers seek efficiency and convenience in how they charge their vehicles, including the ability to shop while they charge. Today’s exciting announcement will make it even easier for Tesla drivers to top up while they grocery shop and run other errands while driving greater utilization across our growing charging network.”

At EVgo’s charging stations, the latest integrated Tesla connectors are capable of providing 100 miles of charging in 30 minutes, and the pool of EV drivers and vehicles is expected to rise to over 7 million by 2027. EVgo noted that it will continue to grow its network. This is just the beginning.

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