Engineering graduates place Tesla and SpaceX as the top 2 favorite employers

Companies today are working in a highly competitive work environment and they need to be attractive. Through Universum research, employers can gain valuable insight into how their organization is perceived by the employees of tomorrow.

Universum is the world’s most known expert on Employer Branding. Annually, Universum works across 50 markets with more than 2,000 universities, alumni groups, and professional organizations to gather insights from students and professionals to advise employers on how to attract talent that fits their culture and purpose.

In a recent Universum survey, Elon Musk’s enterprises are the most desired employers of engineering graduates. Tesla and SpaceX placed in the two top positions.

Tesla is a company that creates zero-emission vehicles and its aim is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy around the world. Tesla’s automotive, energy storage and software innovations make the company a leader in many fields.

Musk’s space business has also made significant strides in rocket technology. SpaceX rockets are reusable which reduces the cost of launches significantly. The company is also installing a high-speed Internet satellite network. Yet the top priority for SpaceX is the development of a Starship spacecraft for flights to the Moon and Mars.

Tesla and SpaceX take 5th and 7th positions in the Computer Science business rankings, respectively. Tesla was also rated 8th on the Business / Commerce index.

There is a higher and more ambitious target for both Musk companies. The younger generation and field experts understand this well, and so find Tesla and SpaceX to be the best places to work.

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