Elon Musk updates Tesla Snake Jazz release and the ability to ‘fart at other cars’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave an update on the Snake Jazz and Polynesian Elevator Music sounds of the company and suggested a new sound of flatulence as well.

Twitter user Bart Sanders asked Musk about the release of Snake Jazz / Elevator Songs. Sanders also asked the CEO about the choice of “uploading your own jingles.”

“Working on it,” Musk replied. “Also needs to be able to fart at other cars on command.”

Regarding the Snake Jazz and Elevator Music, Musk stated that the addition of these two noises would be used for the NHTSA-mandated noisemaker sounds. As a nod to one of Musk’s favorite series, Rick and Morty, Snake Jazz, he intended to use the sound to warn pedestrians of a nearby electric car.

The mandate came into effect in September 2020, but a pedestrian noisemaker was implemented on all Tesla EVs constructed after September 1, 2019. The vehicles are incredibly quiet because of the lack of an engine in an EV. This caused external noisemakers to be requested by the NHTSA.

The agency did not impose any restrictions for what could count as an acceptable noise. Futuristic sounds have been used by some automakers. Others have attempted to recreate a quiet engine. However, Musk went with Snake Jazz and Elevator Music.

Nevertheless, the myths behind using those two noises were interesting, to say the least. Some speculated that it was a gesture of comedic relief against the NHTSA. Others believed Musk was hinting toward the ultimately-delayed S&P inclusion.

Additionally, Musk’s speculation about farting on other cars is just plain silly. It isn’t surprising that he would hint toward this, especially if you are familiar with this wit and humor.

If you are an Elon Musk fan, you know that this is typical of the Tesla CEO. His sense of humor has led to the addition of several Tesla modes, such as Fart Mode and Romance Mode. However, the exterior farting noises would be a real “cherry on top” moment for Musk.

They are sure to be a success among the Tesla community, although it is unclear when the additions will be ready. Many die-hard owners are well aware of when they are having an upgrade, and they are generally quick to share the latest features of their car with others. When the two new sounds and the new Fart Mode are released, there will definitely be plenty of videos from TikToks, Tweets, and YouTube showcasing these features.

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