Elon Musk tours Apple HQ with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Elon Musk was given a tour of Apple’s headquarters by CEO Tim Cook. The Chief Twit thanked Cook for taking him on the tour and shared a video of a path near a pond.  Although it is not known what the two talked about, Elon Musk shared concerns on Twitter that Apple was threatening to boot the Twitter app from the App Store.

Elon Musk pointed out on Monday that Apple had “mostly stopped advertising” on Twitter and asked if they hated free speech. He then asked Cook what was going on. He also said that Apple had threatened to withhold Twitter from the App Store with no explanation as to why. He also pointed out that Apple puts a “secret 30% tax” on anything bought through the App Store.

The two CEOs’ meeting may prove beneficial to Twitter as it rebuilds and focuses on Twitter 2.0, which promised transparency and safety.

“Twitter’s mission is to promote and protect the public conversation–to be the town square of the internet,” the company said.

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