Elon Musk says the Tesla Giga Factory will be an Asskicker

In a recent tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently congratulated the Texas team working on the Austin Gigafactory. Tesla seems to be moving along with its construction right on time, based on videos of Giga Texas’s development.

The Tesla Texas team is making tremendous progress! Musk responded to a tweet from the Austin Tesla Club, who posted a photo of the construction site, “Tesla Texas team is making great progress! Giga Texas factory will be an a$$kicker.” Each new Gigafactory has created its own unique distinguishing characteristic, including those that are in the middle of development, and Giga Texas is no different.

For its speed and the quality of its automobiles, Giga Shanghai became well known. Thanks to its next-gen paint shop, which Elon Musk appears very excited to see in operation, Tesla’s factory in Berlin will have extremely advanced equipment.

It is possible that Giga Texas will be recognized for two notable traits. Next, it is most likely to have the most magnificent grounds in the Gigafactory. Musk revealed that parts of the Giga Texas complex would be an “ecological paradise” of sorts that the public might visit after revealing the site of the next Tesla Gigafactory in the US.

The second notable feature of Giga Texas will be its development of the Cybertruck. If the car is successful, there is a good possibility that the all-electric pickup will also be manufactured by Tesla’s other facilities. But the factory in Austin will still be Tesla’s first production line for Cybertruck.

Before development begins in Giga Texas, Elon Musk shared that Tesla made some slight tweaks to the Cybertruck. Musk said during the Q3 earnings call that the development of the Cybertruck depends a lot on the completion of Giga Texas, making his recent praise even more noteworthy.

“Like [the Cybertruck is] going to be made in Austin. So it’s kind of dependent on completing that factory. And there are obviously new technologies with the high hardness kind of armored exoskeleton,” he said.

The concept of The Cybertruck has received divided reactions. The stainless steel exoskeleton of the Tesla all-electric truck enables the vehicle to have a fresh take on the conventional pickup. Musk has noted in the past that the Cybertruck’s origami-like approach in making the exoskeleton may be one of the difficulties Tesla has to face during the EV pickup’s production.

“This is — it’s never been done before, so there’ll probably be some challenges along the way. And obviously, something that’s extremely high hardness and difficult to scratch or dent is also difficult to form. So there’s manufacturing challenges there. That’s why it’s so cleaner,” Musk said during the last earnings call.

However, the Tesla team has been continuously working on the design of the EV pickup truck since its unveiling last November. Thanks to Tesla’s experience with the “production hell” of the Model 3, the company is well aware that the final configuration of the Cybertruck would likely decide how demanding the production ramp will be. The continuous work of the Tesla team in refining the specifics of the design of the Cybertruck shows that the company is doing everything in its power to ensure that the output of the first EV pickup goes smoothly.

Watch a recent flyover of the Texas site of the Tesla Gigafactory in the video below.

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