Elon Musk’s net worth falls below $200 billion

As Tesla shares continued to feel pressure on Tuesday, CEO Elon Musk’s net worth dropped to below $200 billion. As of writing, Musk is listed with an estimated net worth of $197.4 billion, which still makes him the richest person in the world by net worth. 

Musk’s net worth is heavily tied to his almost 15% stake in Tesla, which has a valuation of about $635 billion as of Tuesday’s close. Tesla shares hit 17-month lows recently, partly fueled by shareholders offloading the stock and Musk himself selling TSLA in an apparent effort to help finance his buyout of social media company Twitter. 

As noted in a Reuters report, both Tesla’s valuation and Musk’s net worth have seen notable dives since the CEO announced that he was looking to purchase Twitter. Since Musk bid for Twitter in April, Tesla has lost nearly half its market value. Musk’s net worth has dropped by about $70 billion. 

Wall Street has shared some concerns about Musk and whether he can continue to run Tesla, a publicly traded company, as well as before, considering that he is extremely busy with Twitter as of late. Musk’s posts on the social media platform have been barely about Tesla recently, as most of his musings have been directly concerned with Twitter or issues such as US politics. 

Jay Hatfield at Infrastructure Capital Management shared his thoughts on the matter. “It seems like Elon Musk is spending 100% of the time on Twitter and you know, it might need more capital,” he said. 

While Musk’s net worth has fallen by a notable degree this year, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s net worth is still substantially larger than the world’s second-richest person, LVMH-owner Bernard Arnault. As per the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires tracker, Arnault currently has a net worth of $159.8 billion, nearly $40 billion less than Musk. Fellow tech titan Jeff Bezos, whose fortune also took a hit this year, is further down the line with a net worth of $113.5 billion. 

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