Elon Musk took Hungary President for a Cybertruck test drive

Hungary President Katalin Novák met with Elon Musk on Monday at Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory. In addition to discussions about Ukraine and population collapse, the meeting included a tour of the production facility and a test drive of the forthcoming Cybertruck, as a new video shows.

On Tuesday, Musk and Novák both posted video teasers of the Monday meeting on X, showing them and a larger crew of officials touring various areas of the factory and test-driving the highly anticipated Cybertruck. The video opens with the two greeting Musk and Grimes’s son, X Æ A-12, and checking out areas inside and outside Gigafactory Texas. Around the 32-second mark, a Cybertruck appears, and you can see Novák climbing inside as Musk and X stand nearby.

Novák also posted an update about the meeting on Facebook, saying that she and Musk talked about the war in Ukraine, which they both agreed needed an “immediate ceasefire and lasting peace.”

She also highlighted the importance of family in the post, saying the two spoke about how to encourage young people to have children. She went on to call the situation a “demographic ice age” — echoing Musk’s many past statements about population collapse.

The news comes just after Musk has met with various world leaders in the past week or so, including Thailand Prime Minister Srettha ThavisinIsrael Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The meetings included widely varying topics of discussion, with many of them touching on plans for upcoming Tesla production facilities.

Notably, Musk also took Netanyahu for a test drive in a Cybertruck during their meetings last week.

You can read Novák’s full post on Facebook detailing the meeting below, as translated into English from Hungarian.

“Elon Musk – another ally in the families freedom struggle and peace mission

Outside Hungary, more and more people see that the demographic ice age, which was welcomed in the West, threatens the end of the world as we know it. Our country was the first to place the family division at the center of the demographic struggle.

We talked with Elon Musk about what we can do together to make young people dare to say yes to children. Childlessness is the most worrying phenomenon of our age. Elon Musk has become a new ally of us in the fight for freedom of families, who knows and appreciates Hungary’s family-centered program.

We talked for a long time about the war in Ukraine. We agreed that an immediate ceasefire and lasting peace is needed. I am particularly glad that he understood the problems of Transcarpathian Hungarians as a result of our conversation.

Having children will save the world. – Having children is saving the world.”

You can also see additional photos shared in Novák’s post below.

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