Elon Musk highlights Austin’s need for more housing after cryptic tweet

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently highlighted the need for more residential projects in the greater Austin, Texas area. Musk’s comments came after he posted a cryptic tweet that seemed to hint at some notable projects in the Texas capital. 

The Tesla CEO initially posted a cryptic tweet that read “Austin++” on his Twitter page. True to the nature of popular Elon Musk tweets, the single-word post incited discussions about what the CEO might be referring to. Some of Musk’s supporters, for one, suggested that the tweet could be referring to projects that would significantly improve the Austin area, such as Giga Texas, which is on track to employ thousands of people. 

Musk followed up his cryptic “Austin++” tweet with a post stating that there is an “Urgent need to build more housing in (the) greater Austin area!” This seems to suggest that the CEO is predicting an influx of people that Austin’s current housing infrastructure would not be able to handle in its current state.

Musk’s recent Austin-related tweets came not long after his recent comments about Gigafactory Texas and the number of workers that the facility would employ. Earlier this month, Musk revealed that over 10,000 people would be needed for Gigafactory Texas just through 2022. He also noted that the site was only five minutes away from the airport and just 15 minutes from downtown. 

Interestingly enough, Austin is not the only place in Texas that Musk has been highlighting on Twitter. The CEO has also been posting about Starbase, Texas, an emerging SpaceX community near South Padre Island. In a recent tweet, Musk noted that Starbase or the greater Brownsville/South Padre area in Texas would need engineers, technicians, builders, and other essential support personnel who could work for SpaceX’s expanding operations in the area. Musk also noted that he expects Starbase to grow by several thousand people over the next couple of years. 

Musk seems to be establishing his roots in the Lone Star State. While both Tesla and SpaceX’s headquarters remain in California, both companies are building significant facilities in Texas in the form of Gigafactory Texas and Starbase. Previous reports have also pointed at other Elon Musk-related initiatives such as The Boring Company and Neuralink also establishing their presence in Texas.

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