Edmunds demonstrates Lucid Air’s Apple CarPlay responsiveness, with mixed results

The Lucid Air is arguably one of the most premium all-electric vehicles that one can purchase today. But on the software front, the vehicle has received some tempered comments from users. This was perhaps one of the reasons why electric car enthusiasts were optimistic when the EV maker announced last month that Apple CarPlay was now standard on every Lucid Air. 

In a recent post on social media, automotive review site Edmunds decided to showcase a quick demo of the Lucid Air’s Apple CarPlay functionalities in action. The auto reviewer group noted that last year, its Lucid Air’s infotainment system was laggy and buggy, but this has improved with the addition of Apple CarPlay. 

The car review group included a short video of the Lucid Air’s Apple CarPlay system in action, and while it definitely worked, numerous comments on social media pointed out that the system still looked very slow and laggy. This resulted in some EV veterans calling out Edmunds for posting about Lucid’s improved infotainment responsiveness while showing CarPlay being unresponsive.

Some EV owners also noted that Edmunds’ CarPlay demonstration was strange since the system works just fine in other vehicles. Other Lucid owners even posted their own videos showing Apple CarPlay performing without any issues. Others further observed that the iPhone connected to the Lucid Air might have been in low power mode, which could have contributed to the system’s slow performance. 

Lucid’s Apple CarPlay integration allows users to access the standard CarPlay screen from the vehicle’s Glass Cockpit display, a 34-inch, 5K floating display that is designed to give the impression that it is sweeping around the driver. The display is designed to show essential information such as vehicle controls, driving details, navigation, and media. With Apple CarPlay integration, Lucid effectively made the Air sedan’s infotainment system familiar and capable.

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