Closer Look of Tesla Cybertruck UI and Interior in New Images

Key Points

  • 📸 New photos of Tesla Cybertruck’s interior, UI, and features have surfaced.
  • 🚗 The images reveal a white trim across the dashboard, side panel, and various interior details.
  • 🖥️ A close-up of the UI displays touchscreen controls for tonneau cover, tailgate, suspension settings, and more.
  • 📦 Discussion about the frunk’s storage space includes the word “Cybertruck” in graffiti-style font.
  • 📆 Tesla plans to begin Cybertruck deliveries on November 30 at Giga Texas.

Tesla is holding a delivery event for the Cybertruck later this month, and while details about the unique electric pickup are still being revealed to the public, new photos have surfaced showing off the vehicle’s user interface and more.

A series of photos posted initially on Weibo was shared on X on Monday evening, showing off a few of the Cybertruck’s interior angles, including the touchscreen UI, the seats, the glass roof, the frunk and more.

As can be seen in one of the photos, the Cybertruck includes a white trim across the dashboard and side panel, as was recently spotted in photos of the trucks at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. You can also see several other details from the shot, including a peek at the driver-side door storage compartment, the center console and more.

One image includes a close-up of the Cybertruck’s UI and controls, including touchscreen buttons for opening and closing the tonneau cover and tailgate and adjusting suspension between Entry, Low and High settings. The close-up also shows a ton of other controls, including mirror and steering wheel controls, car wash mode, sentry mode, window and child locks, lights and more.

Other photos included in the post show off the truck’s glass roof from the interior, as well as exterior shots of the frunk, the side mirrors, and the whole of the Cybertruck as it drives.

You can see the other photos below, as they were shared on Weibo and X.

Past photos of the Cybertruck frunk have spurred on discussion about the storage space’s size, with some saying it looks relatively small. The above photo shows that the frunk includes the word “Cybertruck” written in Tesla’s graffiti-style handwriting font, and while it doesn’t appear particularly deep, the image makes the space look pretty wide, and at least somewhat tall.

Tesla is set to begin deliveries of the Cybertruck during a delivery event at Giga Texas on November 30, at which point the automaker is likely to share other still-unannounced details such as the truck’s pricing and official specs.

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