BYD launches smart body control system tailor fit for NEVs

On Monday, China’s top automaker, BYD, launched an intelligent body control system called DiSus. It comes in four sets of vehicle control systems, specifically DiSus-C, DiSus-A, Disus-P, and DiSus-X. 

“The BYD DiSus system is the first self-developed intelligent vehicle control system launched by a Chinese automaker and has achieved breakthrough development. ,” said Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD.

The DiSus system can increase the safety of a vehicle by allowing it to adapt to everyday driving scenarios, including by minimizing the impact from vehicle rollovers, fast cornering, or full-throttle acceleration. Below is a brief description of each DiSus system BYD recently launched.

DiSus-C: It is an intelligent damping body control system similar to the market’s CDC variable damping shock absorber. 

Disus-A: It is an intelligent air suspension control system that adjusts the vehicle’s height.

DiSus-P: It is an intelligent hydraulic body control system. From a description of the DiSus-P system, it helps cars perform in-place turning and emergency floating. 

Di-Sus-X: The set that integrated DiSus-C, DiSus-A, and DiSus-P. It uses binocular cameras or lidar to capture road undulations on the road. The system can also automatically adjust the suspension of a vehicle.

BYD’s Di-Sus intelligent body control systems will be installed in the Chinese automaker’s luxury off-road SUV, the Yangwang U8. BYD also plans to install the systems in its Han, Tang, and Denza models. 

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