7-Eleven joins expanding list of retailers to add EV charging stations

7-Eleven has unveiled its all-new EV charging network, 7Charge, which it hopes will challenge the likes of Subway and other national retailers.

In the United States retail world, the trend of placing EV chargers on existing properties has become increasingly popular. The businesses often benefit from government incentives to place the chargers, they can partner with existing charging networks to split the construction cost, and the retailer gets to add another revenue stream to each of its existing properties. Now, 7-Eleven is looking to do just that, announcing the launch of 7Charge.

7Charge, which will first be rolled out in the U.S. and then Canada, will be placed at existing 7-Eleven locations in North America. However, unlike other retailers, the enormous convenience chain has already placed some of its chargers, with the first locations being found in Colorado, Florida, Texas, and California.

The 7-Eleven charging network supports both CCS and CHAdeMO charging standards and even has an accompanying app that the company has launched to help customers find locations.

“For over 95 years, 7-Eleven has innovated to meet our customers’ needs – delivering convenience where, when, and how they want it,” said Joe DePinto, President and Chief Executive Officer at 7-Eleven. “Now, we are innovating once again to meet our customers’ where they are by expanding our business to provide EV drivers convenience of the future…today.”

7-Eleven is far from the only U.S. retailer entering the EV charging space. As previously mentioned, Subway plans to launch an extensive network of charging locations called “EV Oasises,” but other brands include Starbucks and Walmart.

Thanks largely to the enormous amount of capital the Federal government has provided to corporations to place EV chargers throughout the country, this trend will likely only accelerate in the coming years. But with more and more competition in the space, retailers may be forced to become creative in their implementation in order to attract customers.

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