Tesla Model X five seater deliveries begin — new hope for seven-seat Plaid variant?

Tesla has started deliveries of the new Model X’s five-seat variant, bringing a bit more variety to the flagship all-electric SUV’s seating options. Five-seat Model X variants are quite popular due to their practicality, as they maximize the vehicle’s massive rear cargo area. Unlike the six and seven-seat interior options, the five-seat interior for the Model X also comes without additional charges. 

Initial reports of the Model X’s five-seat deliveries were shared this weekend in the Tesla Motors Club, with a member who took delivery of the vehicle confirming several features in the revamped flagship SUV’s interior. Similar to older five-seat Model X units, the revamped Model X also features rear seats with a 60/40 split, with the wider seats being on the driver’s side.

Unlike the revamped Model S — which features wireless charging for its rear passengers — the new Model X does not have wireless charging in the second row. This is not surprising considering the vehicle’s seating configuration, though it is a notable difference from the interior of its flagship sedan sibling. Images of the Model X’s coat hooks, which lie behind the second-row seat, have also been shared on TMC

With deliveries of the five-seat Model X now starting, it appears that Tesla is open to expanding the seating options for its flagship all-electric SUV once more. With this in mind, it would then be unsurprising if the company also opened the doors to more seating options for the Model X Plaid.

So far, Tesla has been offering the Model X Plaid exclusively as a six-seater. However, with deliveries of five-seater Model X now starting, it would probably not be too difficult for Tesla to offer the vehicle’s base interior to the Plaid as well. Offering a five-seat Model X Plaid option may even help make the monster all-electric SUV more affordable, seeing as the six-seat interior is listed as a $6,500 upgrade in the company’s vehicle configurator

Interestingly enough, Tesla has already showcased a Model X Plaid with a seven-seat interior in the past. During a press event in Taiwan back in January, the company brought over its revamped Model S and Model X. The Model X that Tesla brought to the event was a Plaid variant, but it was fitted with a seven-seat interior. The vehicle received warm reviews from EV owners, as a seven-seat interior makes the Model X Plaid more practical — which is definitely an additional perk for customers who are purchasing a 1,020 horsepower SUV that can beat supercars in a straight line.

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