Tesla China cuts Model 3 and Model Y prices, base trims qualify for subsidies

Tesla China cut the price of the Model Y and Model 3 made in Gigafactory Shanghai. Tesla China’s site temporarily crashed after it dropped the cost of the Model Y and Model 3. 

The Model 3 RWD dropped from RMB290,988 to RMB279,888, while the Performance variant decreased from 376,900 to 349,900. 

Model Y variants dropped, too. The Model Y RWD’s price went down from RMB316,900 to RMB299,988, and the Long Range version now costs RMB357,900 from RMB349,900. The Model Y Performance variant lowered from RMB417,900 to RMB397,900. 

The new prices listed above are before subsidies. The images below show the new Model Y and Model 3 prices after subsidies.

The estimated new energy vehicle subsidy new Model Y and Model 3 buyers would receive is RMB11,088 for privately-used units. Buyers who purchase the Model Y or Model 3 for fleet use or as passengers cars would receive a new energy vehicle subsidy of RMB7,761. Vehicles above RMB300,000 are not eligible for the subsidy, like the Model 3 Performance, Model Y Long Range, and Model Y Performance.

The lowered prices appear to have spurred demand for the Model Y and Model 3. Tesla China’s order pages from the Model Y and Model 3 reportedly crashed. While orders for the vehicles seem to be flowing in, the delivery times for the Model 3 and Model Y from Gigafactory Shanghai are family quick. The Model Y RWD, for example, is listed with an estimated delivery date of 1-4 weeks while the Model 3 RWD is listed with an estimated delivery date of 4-8 weeks. 

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