Rivian owner shares her experience with the recall

Rivian owner, Anna Munie, took to LinkedIn to share her experience with the recent recall. The automaker recalled around 13,000 vehicles after it had discovered a minor structural defect. CEO RJ Scaringe said that a fastener “may not have been sufficiently torqued.” He added that the recall was done “out of an abundance of caution.”

In its statement, Rivian emphasized that the safety of its customers will always be the top priority and said it would make all of the necessary adjustments free of charge.

In her post on LinkedIn, Munie said that she’s had no issues with her Rivian R1T and appreciated the automaker for being proactive.

“I got the recall email sent to owners on Friday when I was out of town (email was sent to all owners prior to any NHTSA posting, so that owners got the information directly from Rivian and not the news),” she wrote.

She called Service on Sunday and already has an appointment later this week for a mobile service unit to look at the torque associated with the recall. Munie noted that she doesn’t even have to leave her home and that the appointment should only take 10 minutes.

“Overall, I have been very impressed with the courtesy and response Rivian has provided- let’s be honest, every car company goes through recalls at some point, and the quickness and quality of response Rivian has provided is yet another mark of quality for me,” she wrote.

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